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Adamo – Latin for “to fall in love with”; “to find pleasure in

Adamo Enrichment was born out of a passion for improving the wellness of individuals, couples and families. Whether you are looking to rediscover love or find pleasure in your life again, we can help.

At Adamo, we take a client-centered, personalized approach to guide you through the process of problem solving and discovery. We believe gaining insight and understanding in a supportive atmosphere is the most effective way to empower individuals, couples and families in areas of esteem, communication and conflict resolution.


About your counsellor:

jane schaller sm I am a Registered Professional Counsellor with a background in family and marriage counselling, the major focus of my university work being personality development and interpersonal relationships, including family dynamics and Family Systems Theory. While working as a counsellor for Family Services, I noted that addictions played a very strong role in a variety of family crises, either directly or by creating other problems and this led me to a supplemental study of addictions. During my studies, I developed an increased appreciation for the wellness factors that exist in people’s lives and how small changes in multiple areas can have a profound effect on quality of life.

I feel I bring a realness to my work with people because I am someone who has overcome a number of traumatic events in my life, including the death of a spouse, and I understand being pushed to the limits of what you can endure. I have had to ask for help and support throughout my life and I can relate to having my self-esteem and self-worth depleted.  I believe that there is no room for judgement in any of our lives because we all face challenges and carry vulnerabilities.

My university degree may have provided me with the ability to identify and address emotional and psychological issues from a clinical perspective but my ability to relate to struggles and understand pain is not something learned from a book. Through my studies and my work, it became clear to me that, with my natural empathy and compassion, helping others is my true calling.

On the website, I use the term “we” and that is because I will from time to time refer a client to a colleague if I feel the client would be better served working with a different counsellor for a particular concern. My scope of practice covers a wide range of issues but I feel that a wise counsellor is one who can recognize when a referral is the best way to serve the client. The aim is to always put the needs of the client first and private practice gives me the opportunity to treat clients as individuals with individual needs. I do answer to a regulatory body, the CPCA, and I chose to join the CPCA because of their humanness and warmth which fits well with how I like to approach my work.


Jane Schaller R.P.C.








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